Ashanti 100%Cocoa Shea Pure & Smooth Cocoa Mango 3oz

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What is CocoaShea ButterAshanti Naturals 100 Pure Cocoa Butter is extracted from high quality, fresh cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are seeds from Theobroma cacao L. plant. To make cocoa butter, cocoa beans are first fermented then roasted. At this point, the cocoa butter which isnt actually the kind of butter made from any type of milk at all is able to be separated from the rest of the beans, leaving behind solids that are used for other purposes like making cocoa powder.Traditional CocoaShea Butter UsesDry SkinStretch marks WrinklesDark SpotsUneven Skin ToneChapped Skin LipsDamaged Hair ScalpSoften and MoisturizeWhat is Shea ButterAfrican Shea Butter is derived from the nut of the Karite tree, which grows throughout West Africa region. Originally it has Ivory color. We also have a yellow Shea Butter which is achieved by adding the natural root dye in Africa.Why Shea ButterThis product is one of our best sellers! You might heard about Shea Butter previously or saw it as an ingredient for the big brand lotion you use Our Shea Butter is very different from anything else you usually encounter in mass market cosmetic products.Ashanti Naturals Shea Butter is only 100 raw unrefined African Shea Butter made in Ghana, Africa. It means that you get 100 of the natural, healthy nutrients and care for your skin and hair. In its unrefined, raw state Shea Butter is a true natural miracle, proved by centuries of use. Ashanti Naturals Shea Butter is unique because of its high content of nonsaponifiable fats which act as a natural skin moisturizer. Our African Shea Butter is extremely high in vitamins A, E F, enhances cell regeneration and capillary circulation.Shea Butter BenefitsMoisturizingReduces InflammationSkin SmoothingProvides AntiAging PropertiesRelieves WindburnSunburn and Winter Dry SkinMoisturizing, healing and soothing textured or unruly hairHow to useFor skin take a sizable amount of creamy Shea Butter with your fingers. Apply a thin layer directly on your skin.For hair take a small amount of Shea Butter with your fingers and it over your hair to moisturize, soothe and strengthen it.Ingredients100 Pure African Shea Butter Butyrospermum ParkiiNet Weigth5ozStoring Shea ButterStore the Shea Butter in its original package in dry and cool place, out of the sunlight. Keep the temperature below 75 degrees. The average shelf life for Shea butter is 24 months.

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