About Us

This is Jollys Pharmacy Limited; a family own business located on the island of the Commonwealth of Dominica in the Caribbean. It opened its doors to the Dominican public in 1980. We are registered as a Limited company operating two pharmacies, a wholesale center, manufacturing subsidiary and fitness center.
Jollys Pharmacy Limited prides itself in quality and reliable service with excellent work ethics and remarkable courteous experience. We are a leading Caribbean pharmacy which continues to foster good community health practices through our robust public health programs and activities, corporate philanthropic support and sustainable economic value.
In August of 2015, Jollys Pharmacy Limited received the Caribbean Pharmacy Sigma Business Award from the Caribbean Association of Pharmacists based in Jamaica for being recognized and selected as the second-best Caribbean Pharmacy.


We aim to lead the way in healthcare in Dominica, bringing modern concepts and professionalism to an industry that is often undervalued.


β€œTo provide quality healthcare with no compromise.”