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How would you know if you were deficient in Vitamin B2 You would likely be tired, lethargic and definitely not at your peak. Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, is a member of the Bcomplex of vitamins along with B1, B12, folic acid, niacin and others. These all play important roles in energy production, particularly in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. In addition, they are part of a family of nutrients known as coenzymes, which means that they help enzymes to perform essential chemical reactions. This may contribute to cellular energy production but are also important in supporting the function of neurotransmitters, hormones, digestive enzymes, mineral metabolism, and many more. Bvitamins may also help support the health of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, pulmonary system, immune system and muscle function. Theyre called essential for a reason. Without adequate amounts, all of these systems would suffer. For those whose diets are deficient, a daily supplement may help support these essential functions. Riboflavin, produced in the intestinal flora and easily absorbed, plays a significant role in the production of energy. It helps the conversion of carbohydrates to sugars, fueling many functions in the body. It also plays an active part in the electron transport chain that produces cellular energy. It may also help support your bodys natural growth and development, and it supports red blood cell formation.

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