Mason Colon Herbal Cleanser

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Our bodys ability to regulate digestion can be affected by poor diet, stress, fatigue and environmental toxins. For some, this could lead to constipation and other digestive problems. Certain herbs and natural plant fibers, working together synergistically, may help the body eliminate built up waste and optimize digestion. Psyllium and oat fiber can provide bulk to the contents of the colon, encouraging regularity and stool consistency. Aloe vera, cascara sagrada, buckthorn and rhubarb may help support healthy smooth muscle contractions in the colon and assist in the elimination of waste. Bentonite, wheat grass, alfalfa and goldenseal may help support the healthy removal of toxins from the colon. And fennel may provide a soothing, relaxing effect and help the elimination of waste. Taken together, these ingredients help to encourage colon health, function, the regular elimination of waste and deep cleansing

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