Mason Coq 10 30mg Softgels

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Coenzyme Q10 Co Q10 plays a major role in the process known as the electron transport chain, the process for making energy in every cell. It helps to charge and recharge ATP or adenosine triphosphate, the main molecule that serves as the energy source for all cells. Certain organs have very large requirements of energy and sufficient amounts of Co Q10 is vitally important. These organs include the liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, and the brain. Co Q10 is popular with people taking statin drugs as these drugs tend to deplete Co Q10 levels within the body. A significant amount of toxic free radicals are produced as a byproduct of energy creation, and Co Q10 may provide antioxidant protection during this process. It may help protect cell membranes, cell mitochondria and even DNA. It may also help do the same for LDL cholesterol and other fatsoluble compounds. Because Co Q10 is fatsoluble, the most bioavailable supplement formulas are oilbased liquids delivered in a softgel.


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