Mason Beta Carotene 25 000iu

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Beta carotene is a safe and easily accessible source of Vitamin A that is plentiful in carrots, sweet potatoes and other nutritious foods. Because beta carotene is soluble in water, it can travel to locations in the body that fatsoluble Vitamin A cannot. Once it has made its way to an important location in the body, it can be quickly converted to Vitamin A if needed. Vitamin A, also known as retinol, helps support healthy retina cells within the eye, which in turn supports healthy vision. Vitamin A and beta carotene also plays an important role in the normal transcription of DNA into RNA, which ensures genes are expressed properly and cells develop normally. This is especially important to the development of certain immune cells such as NK cells, lymphocytes, and monocytes. Like Vitamin A, beta carotene itself can be a potent antioxidant and may provide protection against freeradical damage to cells, DNA and many other parts of the body. Betacarotene is a carotenoid, one of a group of plant pigments known to have antioxidant and other effects. Once it enters the body, it is quickly converted into vitamin A. This essential nutrient is found predominantly in yellow, orange, and dark green vegetables such as carrots, sweet potato, spinach and kale, and in fruits such as cantaloupe and apricots. Having the normal levels of vitamin A is key for good vision, strong immunity and general health.


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