100% Virgin Coconut Oil 750ML

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Huile Dominique Virgin Coconut oil is made primarily made for cooking. It is produced from the milking the kernels of freshly picked dried coconuts obtained locally from Hampstead Farms in Portsmouth Dominica. The resulting oil maintains the coconut flavour, does not go rancid quickly one local customer in their review have stated that she now considers the oil her local Dominican Treasure Dr. Velda Wade. The oil is produced in the most sustainable manner which involves making use of all the waste materials left behind. From compost for the founders backyard garden to a table cheese which her children love.. She even makes a whole new product from the coconut shells, activated carbon.Although the oil is made primarily for cooking, the users of Huile Dominique boast of using Huile Dominique Topically as well.. on their Skin and hair. Huile Dominique considers coconut oil to be a gift of nature which is waiting to unpack all of its amazing health benefits not only to those who truly aim to live healthier natural lifestyle but to those who aspire to make the conscious effort to respond to the global call for action in realizing Sustainable Development Goals 2, 8 and 12.Produced in a sustainable manner, Huile Dominique Virgin Coconut oil made for cooking is indeed a treasure.Huile Dominique Oils that are full of life!

1 review for 100% Virgin Coconut Oil 750ML

  1. Bernisha Mathew

    Bernisha Mathew

    Huile Dominique is God sent… I have been using the virgin coconut for a while now and it has changed the appearance of my skin and also helped with hair growth and clearing up stretch marks. I also use it as medicine to fight off Covid 19 and it worked wonders.. definitely recommend.

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